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Wish You Were Here, Postcards from Sandwich

The Sandwich Glass Museum is pleased to present its special exhibition, Wish You Were Here, Postcards from Sandwich, from February 1– June 8 featuring dozens of postcards from a bygone era.. These images reflect the remnants of an earlier industrial age far different from the quaint New England town depicted today. For example Town Hall Square at the turn of the 20th century was a hub of activity.  A two-storey shoe factory sat opposite the Town Hall along with a blacksmith shop.  Also the buildings of the Boston & Sandwich Glass Factory were still standing with the hope that glassmaking would once again return to the Town.  And yet for all that has changed, so much has remained the same.  The tree-lined streets with its Victorian era homes have seemingly remained untouched with the passage of time.  As one walks down the streets of Sandwich Village, you can almost hear the clip-clop of horses' hooves.can almost hear the clip-clop of horses' hooves. 

At the turn of the century postcards were being produced by the billions worldwide.  They were a fast and convenient way to send a short message to family and friends.  The postcard craze was also popular with collectors who filled scrapbooks with images of their travels and those of their friends. Among the most popular of these early cards were real-photo postcards.  As the name suggests Cape Cod was a popular subject of these early postcards and among its towns, Sandwich. 


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